Nostoi di Marita Marinucci
arredo d'arte


Sometimes melancholy, sometimes distracted, far away, lost in their own thoughts, always on the go. Sometimes alone and unsure of their own way, sometimes in packs, seeking strength and courage by bonding together. They can also be near, attentive - waiting for a gesture, a voice or a look. In ancient Greece, "Nostoi" were the homecoming journeys of warriors after long, agonizing endeavors. These pieces are about characters in an unreal possible world, roaming land and sea, searching for the path that will allow them to return to their roots, to find themselves. Tireless fish, solitary and in packs, mackerel and sardines fleeing their tins. Mermaids who have left the depths, halfwomen, swimmers and singers. They're born and they travel, carrying inside them the flavor of the sea, the color of the reflected sky, the smell of wet motorboats and worn ports, the song of the sirens and the wind. Together with them - the Nostoi of our daily lives - we can navigate life. This art is stripped of the convention of seriousness, lightened for dwelling in the most unusual, warm and familiar places, with an unending desire for amusement, for a play between reality and fable. Nostalgia accompanies life along with the desire to not take oneself too seriously, and remains indelible in the eyes of a mermaid who gave up the sea to wear the clothes of the ephemeral, fashionable woman.